Mainstream Media has biased agenda

To the editor:

In response to the “Our View” opinion of August 18, I have seriously considered dropping my subscription to The Journal because I am NOT a supporter of the biased news this newspaper and the Mainstream Media (MM) have been pushing at Americans since the last presidential campaign, and even more so after the Trump administration came into power. I am tired of the anti-Trump, anti-God, anti-American, anti-everything-that-stands-for good rhetoric and lies. No president in the history of this nation has been treated as badly and unfairly by the press as Donald Trump. The MM twists almost everything he says and takes it out of context, vilifies him for simply telling the truth, and tries to make him look evil and incompetent in every way possible.

The fact is, despite all the opposition, Trump has managed some impressive accomplishments in the short time he’s been in office:

– unemployment has dropped to the lowest rate seen in a decade.

– employers are adding new jobs, corporations are announcing investments in American facilities, and our economy is growing.

– the Stock Market has reached all-time highs.

– in March 2017, consumer confidence hit its highest point since 2000.

– illegal border crossings have declined dramatically, and violent and repeat offenders are being deported.

– ISIS has been practically defeated.

– legislation has been signed into law to provide better care for our veterans.

– our military (which Obama worked at dismantling) is being rebuilt.

Why isn’t the MM trying to build America up by focusing on positive news stories like these instead of attempting to tear American down by fabricating and perpetuating negative, fictitious tales?

The MM has also tried its hardest to portray Trump as being racist and divisive, but it’s actually the MM who is fueling the fires between political and racial groups. The MM will latch onto a controversial event and replay it repeatedly, interviewing every person they can find who has an inflammatory comment and is on the side of hatred and contention. When hostile or immoral protests and rallies are held, why even give these people airtime? If the media wouldn’t keep showing up to provide demonstrators with their 10 minutes of fame, and to fan the flames of opposition, these types of events would dwindle very quickly.

In my opinion, the MM has lost all credibility and they are now trapped by their own snare. They made themselves into a political pawn, pandering to the liberal left, which is currently falling apart at the seams, and the MM is finding itself crumbling with them.

The American people are not stupid; we are painfully aware of the MM’s biased reporting and are fed up with all the manipulation, lies, and “fake news.” Readership and viewership are down, and those in the MM are desperately scrambling to defend themselves and draw people back. However, what they don’t understand is that the majority of Americans do not share the MM’s values or ideals, and the MM will never recover their losses until they set aside their own biased agendas, present a fair and accurate account of the news (minus their opinions and speculation which are usually one-sided and left-leaning), and start showing respect for our president, honor to God, loyalty to our country, and regard for the American people.

Robin McKee

New Ulm