The problem of North Korea

To the editor:

North Korea is a world problem right now and nobody knows how to handle it. One threat given gets a bigger threat right back. How serious they are and what the end result will be nobody knows, but it is getting scary.

Antagonizing each other doesn’t help. The US and South Korea military maneuvers every spring that are so close to North Korea’s shores don’t help. The missile launches of North Korea don’t help. The word “nuclear” doesn’t help. Diplomatic efforts don’t seem to work with Kim Jung Un. Sanctions only make him strike a match to another piece of fireworks with a big grin on his face like a little kid.

That is understandable because in terms of life experiences he is still a little kid. He grew up on a pedestal, primed and pampered, insulated from the reality of life outside the castle. How can he grasp what really happens in the world? Poverty, stress, famine and the horror of war are only words. The people of Japan who went through nuclear holocaust could try to teach him, but he would not believe what they would tell him. Nobody except the Japanese people would believe what it was like to live through a nuclear horror. Another one would be much worse, much more widespread.

Directing North Korea’s military is like playing with toy soldiers for Kim Jung Un. Controlling him is like trying to chase your four-year-old through the crowd at a carnival. He will not listen and will not understand the consequences until he lives through it. We cannot afford to let Kim Jung Un bring the world to that point. It is getting to be time for a strategic strike before a nuclear war occurs. The rest of the world cannot wait much longer.

Dennis Born

New Ulm


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