Sleepy Eye councilor speaks out

To the editor:

In response to the recently published articles, whatever the city employees think of me, whatever controversy this has created, I want the readers to know that I will remain steadfast in my duties to the city. The people who voted for me last November did so because they had confidence in my ability and judgment. That ability and judgment, and my mission to help make the city of Sleepy Eye a great place to work, live, raise a family, have not. and will not change. I will also not be afraid to speak out, share ideas, and correspond with the voters in my jurisdiction.

With regards to the report itself of alleged accusations, I would like to make a comment: Apparently the interviewer was not concerned with my side of the story, or the truth of the accusations, since she never talked to me. There are always two sides. In quoting one of Deb Moldashel’s articles in the Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch: (First, without making any findings regarding whether the conduct described in the investigation report occurred as described). No findings! $30,000 has been spent and have no findings. Think of what we could have done with this $30,000. I feel it is important that the people know, as far as I am concerned, that issues from employees of the city will be taken seriously. If this had been brought to the council, in proper procedure, I would not be writing this letter. Hopefully many of you could see this for what is was — a plan to take my voting power away on me Council — which has not happened. To those that have continued to support me, Thank You.

Larry W. Braun

Sleepy Eye

City Councilman


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