Energy Policy and the Future of the World

To the editor:

As we all know from reading the papers and surfing the web, President Trump has withdrawn US support from the Paris Climate Agreement. The Paris Climate Agreement is an agreement which was signed by 195 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change members. Before the President’s announcement, there were only two countries that weren’t part of the agreement, Syria, and Nicaragua.

Syria, as we all should remember, has been grappling with a vicious multi-faction war that has split the country into several pieces, the worst being controlled by ISIS.

Nicaragua didn’t sign the agreement because of their complaints about the agreement not going far enough, not being binding and not holding large countries accountable (which is correct on at least the latter two accounts, given that the US was able to pull out so easily to benefit oil executives).

Do we not have a duty, considering we emit a large portion of the total emissions in the world, to stay in the agreement? Do we not have an obligation to democracy when nearly every other nation is in support of this agreement? For those who say we are a republic, the question still stands.

I for one won’t stand for a select group of wealthy individuals decide the fate of the world by propagating misinformation about climate change and by corrupting democracy with bribes to get the candidates who support them.

Preston Meyer



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