Trump treated with negativity

To the editor:

A Harvard study of President Trump’s national news coverage found the percentage of negativity was: CNN 93 percent; NBC 93 percent; CBS 91 percent; FOX 52 percent; New York Times 87 percent; Washington Post 83 percent. It does not take a battery of intelligence agencies, the FBI and a Special Counsel to conclude, except for FOX, those newsrooms are probably not ideologically diverse.

The FBI has been investigating Trump/Russian collusion for almost a year. So far they admittedly found no evidence of collusion by Trump himself. Most legal experts in the field, including former Harvard Law School Dean and Clinton supporter Allan Dershowitz, say the newly appointed Special Counsel will not find evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice with respect to Trump. So until there is evidence let’s stop hysterical calls for removing Trump from office.

About a week after the Harvard study made news President Trump traveled to several predominantly Muslim countries, Israel, and the Vatican in an effort to unite people of faith against radical terrorism. He was well received. National media reports were mostly positive. Maybe because we saw and heard what actually happened with our own eyes and ears, limiting opportunity for his enemies to set the narrative.

People knew Trump was a high energy unorthodox political outsider before the election. I hope he does not allow media jackals with anonymous sources and unauthenticated source documents, divisive establishment politicians, contemptuous career federal employees and others to distract him from the domestic reforms he promised, and restoring international confidence in the United States of America as a world leader.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato


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