National Stroke Awareness Month

To the editor:

May is National Stroke Awareness Month!

Minnesota Brain Injury Force shares the following information from the National Stroke Association:

“In 2017, the National Stroke Association is turning the spotlight on the rising incidence of stroke among young people. According to the National Stroke Association there was a spike of 44 % in the number of young Americans hospitalized over the last decade and there is a clear trend toward increasing stroke incidence at younger ages. 800,000 people have a stroke each year which accounts for one in 20 deaths in the USA. Seventy-three percent of young Americans are not familiar with the signs of a stroke or the need for urgent medical attention.”

The National Stroke Association is a great national organization that provides information and resources about strokes. MN Brain Injury Force appreciates the work they do to support our survivors! The public can receive a free “Stroke Smart” magazine. Check out their web site at for resources, stories and inspiration.

Minnesota Brain Injury Force ( MNBIF) is listed as providing support groups / workshops and events on the National Stroke Associations web site. MNBIF educates the public about strokes while we share the National Stroke Assoc. brochures or other information with the public. During the month of May, MNBIF provides four different events to educate the public about strokes/brain injury!

Upcoming events include:

May 18 1:15 PM: KNUJ Community Affairs Program is providing education about strokes to their listening audience. The director of MNBIF will be sharing the information we receive from the National Stroke Association.

May 20 6 p.m.

MNBIF provides a free Brain Boosting Workshop held at the Hutchinson Health Hospital Room F. We will share the NSA warning signs of a stroke.

Minnesota Brain Injury Force is a local non-profit that provides free programs and services for brain injury survivors and their families.

Visit our web site: to see listed events or if you would like to make a difference in the lives of our area brain injured survivors / veterans!

Have a great brain day!

Sharon Gieseke

Director of MN Brain Injury Force, Inc.


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