Dog Park Safety

To the editor:

Happy Tails New Ulm Dog Park is a safe, fenced-in space in New Ulm where dogs can exercise and play together off leash. The park was made possible by the hard work of volunteers and generous donors, as well as the City of New Ulm for providing the land.

Bring your vaccinated (including rabies) dogs and join us at the park. Please remember for everyone’s safety to watch your dog. Pick up after them and follow the rules posted on the fence.

Children are welcome at the park, but it is a DOG park. It is not a playground. Children should not run around chasing dogs, climbing the fence, or playing on any of the dog ramps. To prevent any mishaps and to keep our dogs safe, please only bring children who can respect them and follow this advice. Be aware that even the most well disciplined dog can snap if a threat is perceived. Children are at eye level with many dogs and could easily be harmed. Our dogs are precious to us, and we would hate to have to surrender our beloved dog due to any of these preventable circumstances.

We are planning some very exciting events to fundraise for water installation at the park. On May 20, we will be having a dog walk and bake sale at the Brown County Fairgrounds. A wine/beer tasting event is scheduled at the New Ulm Country Club on Oct. 26. Custom designed t-shirts and sweatshirts with the dog park logo are available for purchase. For inquiries, please contact us at

Jeff Wenninger

The New Ulm

Dog Park Committee


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