Stop invasive garlic mustard!

To the editor:

Don’t ignore your garlic mustard! If you do, it will probably get very bad for you and your neighbors. We already have a massive number of plants in the southwestern corner of the city. The main invasion is located at Flandrau State Park and adjoining areas. Seeds produced there are being transported elsewhere, mainly by deer. However, tires, shoes, mowers, construction equipment and flowing water can also move seeds. If you have deer coming to your property, you may have garlic mustard.

Garlic mustard is a biennial which produces thousands of seeds for each plant. Left alone, it can form a dense ground cover and take out competing plants.

This is the time of year to take action to control garlic mustard! Don’t delay, go out, and look for it. If you see a small amount, spot spray with 2% glycophosate or dig/pull out. The plants you pull out may have seeds in the soil, so be careful. Do not compost or treat as yard waste. Mowing and weed whacking do not kill the plant. For small amounts, double bag and throw in the trash. For large amounts place in paper bags, let them dry, and take to the tree dump for burning. Label the bags, “garlic mustard.”

For more information call 507-276-8326 or email

If you find any garlic mustard in an area other than the southwest part of the City of New Ulm please call me. Early detection and not letting it go to seed is essential to stopping invasive garlic mustard. It goes to seed about June 1, so the time is now to do something. Volunteers are needed to help pull garlic mustard at Adams and South Park. Check out my website for more information and upcoming programs.

Joe Gartner

New Ulm


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