DFL’s position misrepresented

To the editor:

The statement in Thursday’s “Our View” that Governor Dayton and the DFL want to issue enhanced IDs (Real IDs) to undocumented immigrants is not accurate. For a few years now there has been discussion about creating a second tier license for undocumented persons. The license would have no legal use except for driving, and would be clearly marked as such. No one is advocating Real ID’s for anyone but citizens.

Governor Dayton sees issuing second tier licenses as a way to assure drivers have passed tests and will obtain insurance. Some in law enforcement have supported it, saying it would help police more easily identify both witnesses and suspects. I believe the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce have expressed support for such a license in the past.

I agree with your call for the legislature to pass a clean bill for Real ID’s. There is no reason for another license, or a provision against such a license, to be included in the Real ID bill.

Lori Sellner

Sleepy Eye


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