Prayer will be needed over next four years

To the editor:

I agree with a recent letter to the editor that the next four years will be very difficult. It will be difficult to get things done considering the obstruction politics of the Democrats. It will be difficult to read and watch the biased coverage from newspaper and television sources. It will be difficult to improve an economy that has had its national debt greatly increase under the Obama administration. It will be difficult to protect the citizens of our country after Obama has allowed terrorists to enter our country, and released, commuted sentences, and pardoned thousands of criminals. It will be difficult to keep our world safe now that Iran has the path to nuclear weapons. However, unless our laws change, the next four years will be the most difficult on the four million innocent babies who will be killed by abortion.

I do sincerely agree that prayer is the best answer for our country. We should all pray that our elected leaders make decisions that best benefit our country and its people. Prayer is the “movement” that each of us is welcome to join.

John Vetter

New Ulm


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