Bad behavior all around

To the editor:

Recent letters and columns have described liberals and Democrats as without a moral core, uncivilized, having low standards, and fallen brethren. Proof of this mass depravity was the language and behavior of a few among millions at rallies and marches. Besides the unfairness of labeling an entire group for the actions of a few, I doubt the writers were actually shocked to hear a liberal utter a curse word the president used at campaign rallies while crowds cheered. I doubt the signs were more vicious than Tea Party signs with racist words or a noose next to “Hang in there Obama,” or shouts of “Hang the lying Kenyan traitor.” I’m sure conservatives and Republicans don’t think a celebrity calling Hillary an alphabet of obscenities and Obama a “subhuman mongrel” is a moral example, or that Sheriff Clarke addressing an inaugural gathering with, “The only reason I’ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat” is civilized. It seems fallen brethren are universal.

During the past administration, Democrats (and some Republicans) interested in a functioning government were shut down while conservatives in Congress kept their pledge to obstruct everything – even actions they favored. They would let the country fail in order to make the President fail. That’s the high conduct standard they set. But now they’re ready for action, and every citizen should keep informed beyond the president’s approved sources. Do their plans and actions meet your standards?

Wall Street de-regulation has begun. Republican majorities passed a bill that oil, gas, and coal companies no longer must disclose payments to foreign governments — their conflicts of interest hidden, as they are for the president. Republicans will likely abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which defends people against predatory lending and fraud by for-profit colleges, banks, and credit card companies despite, or maybe because, the CFPB reclaimed $11.8 billion for consumers since 2011.

Turning Medicaid into block grants will hurt the poor, the disabled, and nursing home residents. The Republican plan to turn Medicare into vouchers is alive again. Social Security remains at risk for cuts and privatization. The president promised no cuts to these programs, but in January only one Republican senator voted for a budget amendment to embrace that promise.

Republicans passed bills designed to repeal or block masses of regulations, and then defeated Democratic amendments to keep those that protect children’s health from air pollution and lead in water, safety of miners, nuclear power plant safety, insurance coverage for persons with pre-existing health conditions, and regulations designed to create jobs and boost wages. Allowing insurers to charge people over fifty higher premiums than currently allowed may be the first regulation change in the dismantling of Obamacare.

Conservative columnist Walter Williams wrote that liberals are in need of compassion. Show compassion in future legislation instead, and for the people affected by the president’s words and actions.

Patricia Missling