Please return her cane

To the editor:

Last Thursday my husband and I had breakfast at Cash Wise. It was good.

Two weeks before, I had fallend and hit my head. It made my memory bad. Consequently, I forgot my cane. We checked to see if it was there, but it was gone. It’s a real nice cane, green and brown, made in a corkscrew.

We had gone to the State Fair 30 years ago. I was starting to have strokes, and there was a man making canes. I told him I didn’t have $74. He said that was OK, as he liked to help people. But his wife was very mad! Said they drove all the way from New York and weren’t going to make any money.

I sent them a check when I got home. “I’m sure he had a big grin on his face when he got the check and said, “Ohh – Minnesota Nice!”

I always felt good when I used it. It’s not nice to steal someone’s cane. Please take it back to Cash Wise.

Marion Anderson

New Ulm

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