Spreading the Safe Routes message

To the editor:

I recently joined 300 volunteers in St. Paul to meet with state lawmakers in support of stronger physical education requirements and making it safe for kids to walk or bike to school. Thanks to the Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition, I met with State Rep. Paul Torkelson and State Senator GAry Dahms to talk about these important issues and how they can help our kids deal with physical inactivity and obesity problems.

As the Project Manager for the Heart of New Ulm Project, the Heart of New Ulm Leadership Team members see firsthand the fact that kids today spend too much time in front of TVs, computers or video game screens and too little time running around and being active. If we give our kids more and better ways to be active, we’ll see better results both in our kids’ health and in their schoolwork.

The Heart of New Ulm Project works hard to keep the children in New Ulm healthy through the Safe Routes to School program, and am grateful I could take the time to bring the HONU concerns to our lawmakers in St. Paul. I hope Representative Torkelson and Senator Dahms will pass these initiatives and support our kids by giving them more opportunities to develop lifelong healthy physical activity habits.

Cindy Winters

New Ulm