County lucky to have dedicated child protection and adult protection teams

To the editor:

First, I want to say that I am lucky to have two of the best attorneys I’ve met as part of my staff. Paul Gunderson and Breck Rolfsrud are excellent attorneys and do an incredible job for Brown County, along with our great Legal Assistants, Nicole Grathwohl and Melissa Bakke. The focus of this letter though is Breck Rolfsrud and two teams she is on as part of her duties as a Deputy County Attorney.

Breck typically appears in the adult protection and child protection matters in Brown County. She does an amazing job in that role and as part of her duties she also attends monthly meetings for the Adult Protection Team and Child Protection Team. This week she was on a well-deserved vacation, so I had the pleasure of attending both team meetings in her place. I have attended the meetings in the past, and was glad to attend again. These meetings are confidential, so I can’t divulge the names of anyone on each team, but what I can say is that being back in both meetings reinforced to me how lucky we are in Brown County to have the number of highly educated, motivated, and dedicated individuals on each of these teams.

Both teams’ primary focus is to be proactive with regard to the most vulnerable citizens in our county, vulnerable adults and our children. Team members include individuals from Brown County Human Services, Public Health, representatives from all of the schools and law enforcement agents from each of the communities, Brown County Probation, the County Attorney’s office and mental health professionals. These teams meet to discuss ongoing cases, but to also discuss potential cases to hopefully offer and provide services before the need for my office to take formal action.

It’s never easy to remove children or elderly from their homes, so our team members take their roles very seriously and give each case the attention and discussion it deserves. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with all of the team members and how dedicated they are to their professions and the citizens of Brown County. They are often met with hostility by clients and families and work long hours for little pay, but they still do their best to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Thank you all (you know who you are) for the work you do! It is my extreme pleasure to know you and work with each of you.

Chuck Hanson

Brown County Attorney

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