Enjoy the peace

It has been a frantic buildup to Christmas — and we don’t mean the shopping, decorating, cooking and so on that goes with getting ready to celebrate. Our federal government is in shutdown, our top defense and diplomatic officials are resigning over President Trump’s pulling troops out of Syria. There always seems to be a new crisis popping up.

But for one day, Christmas Day, let us stop worrying about all that and enjoy the peace that comes with Christmas. Let us gather our families around, let us light the candles and smell the pine, let us open the presents and enjoy the good feeling that giving leaves us.

Let us worship and sing the songs that speak of “Peace On Earth to Men of Good Will.” Let us celebrate together without worrying about the problems that will no doubt be awaiting us later.

Today is the birthday of him who has been called the “Prince of Peace.” Let the peace and love he brought to us all those centuries ago renew us and restore us.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.