FarmFest where it’s at for political junkies

This is a big election year with a full slate of state offices up for grabs, both U.S. Senate seats and all the congressional seats. And once again, FarmFest in Redwood County will be the place to be Aug. 7-9 for those who like to see their politicians up close and personal.

FarmFest always features political forums, and this year its governor’s forum will feature all five major candidates. There will be forums for both senate races, and for Congressional districts 1, 2 and 8.

FarmFest is like a mini-State Fair focused on agrictulture and rural Minnesota. It attracts high attendance that makes the event desirable for candidates who always want to reach as many people as possible.

The candidate forums at FarmFest aren’t limited to farm issues, either. Candidates will be speaking on all the major issues that are facing the country, from tariffs and trade wars to health care to immigration.

This is an opportunity the average citizen as well as the political junkie should take in.