Thumbs Up/Down

Weather woes

THUMBS DOWN: This probably falls under the category of complaining about the weather and not doing anything about it, but man, this is getting old.

The middle of April is no time for snowstorms and blizzard warnings. As this is written, forecasts were calling for snow to start overnight and dump anywhere from 8 to 12 inches on the area.

We feel most sorry for the high school student athletes who have been waiting for ballfields and golf courses to thaw out. Some local baseball games have been rescheduled two or three times already. The Minnesota State High School League is even authorizing schools to play five-inning doubleheaders if they every get the chance. To paraphrase Ernie Banks, “It’s a beautiful day. We better play two.”

That feels better, even if it hasn’t affected the weather at all.

Go get ’em, Lindsay

THUMBS UP: It makes so much sense to name Lindsay Whalen as the coach of the University of Minnesota women’s basketball team that we’re surprised someone didn’t botch it. Whalen, who starred as a point guard at Hutchinson, for the University of Minnesota and in the WNBA is hands-down the most influential, successful and popular women’s basketball player the state has ever seen. She has drawn thousands upon thousands of fans to Williams Arena and Target Center, won titles and Olympic medals, and most of all has inspired little girls all over the state to play the game like it is meant to be played.

If she has half the impact on the Gophers that she has had on the rest of the game, she should be one of the most successful coaches in the history of the game.

Happy Birthday Erna

THUMBS UP: It’s not often you get a chance to say “Happy 110th Birthday” to someone, but today you can say it to Erna Zahn today. Erna is celebrating her 110th birthday.

Last year, when she was only 109, she credited her long life to eating healthy and getting exercise. She likes to walk whenever she can, she said, and enjoys a daily bowl of ice cream.

She was married to Meilahn Zahn, who was head of the Dr. Martin Luther College music department from 1962 to 1975. Meilahn passed away in 1982.

Congratulations to you, Erna, on your 110th birthday, and we look forward to wishing you happy birthday again on your 111th.