Thumbs Up/Down

Trump turmoil

Thumbs Down: President Donald Trump has thrown the country, and the world, once again into turmoil with the language he reportedly used on Thursday to describe undesirable immigrants. “Why are we having all these people from (expletive deleted) countries come here?” he reportedly asked lawmakers in a discussion about immigration legislation.

The vulgarity is not so much the issue. We’re sure a great many other presidents said a great many worse things in the Oval Office (Richard Nixon even tape-recorded his conversations, putting the phrase “expletive deleted” into the lexicon when transcripts of the tapes were released.)

But the statement reveals a lot about Trump’s character. It supports contentions that he harbors racist sympathies, enough so that he will slam the immigration door on a whole continent full of people.

Trump waited until Friday morning to state, via Twitter, that he didn’t say what he supposedly said. Whatever “harsh language” he said he used, his sentiment is clear. Wealthy white Europeans are welcome, poor people of color are not.

The president once said he has “lots of words, the best words…” Too bad he reached down to use some of the worst on Thursday.

Blood donations

Thumbs Up: The Red Cross blood drive in New Ulm this week was a successful one, bringing in 388 units of blood, 12 above the Red Cross’ goal for the three days.

We thank all who turned out to give blood, and to the many volunteers who made it happen. Giving blood is a gift of life, and hundreds of lives will be saved with the blood that was collected in New Ulm this week.

Donna Lambrecht

Thumbs Up: Donna Lambrecht retired this week after serving as executive director of the United Way of the Brown County Area. During her nearly nine years on the board she has helped oversee an expansion of the United Way into a county-wide organization, and her energy and bubbly personality helped make that happen.

Best wishes to Curt and Donna, who are planning to move to Bloomington to take on a new career as full-time grandparents. Through their success in business and their efforts in community service, they have both made an indelible mark on New Ulm.


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