Thumbs Up/Down

Thanks to donors

THUMBS UP: This time of year is full of opportunities for people to open their hearts to others, and once again, the generosity of people is overwhelming.

Local projects like Santa’s Closet, the New Ulm Food Shelf, the Jaycees Christmas Baskets and the Kiwanis Coats for Kids continue to draw donations to support their efforts. Other groups go through Adopt a Family, or put up Mitten Trees to help others. The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle has been bringing in money for the poor, thanks to volunteer bell ringers.

One of the great secrets of Christmas giving is that you don’t have to wait until Christmas. The good feelings and benefits that come with doing something for others can be felt all year round.

Enjoying the show

THUMBS UP: Another great part of the Christmas season is the beautiful spectacle put on by those who decorate their homes. A lot of people make it a tradition to drive around town just to look at the Christmas lights.

Some people keep it simple, with a wreath and candle in the window, while others go all out, covering as much of their house and yard as they can with lights. Some hook up their lights to a computerized control system to make the lights dance to the music.

Whatever style you prefer, you can go out this weekend and enjoy the holiday show.

White Christmas?

THUMBS SIDEWAYS: Sure, everybody dreams of a White Christmas, like the song says. But there have to be some rules to it. The whitness has to build up gradually. A few snowfalls earlier in December should be allowed to set up a nice base and give people time to get the snow all shoveled and the roads plowed. Then on Christmas day, a little dusting of sparkly, crystal snow should be allowed to fall just to freshen everything up.

What we don’t want is what has been happening this month. It has been a brown month all the way through, until a couple of days ago. We don’t want all the wishing for a white Christmas to come all at once in the form of a Christmas Day blizzard.

Fortunately, the holiday forecast calls for cold but clear weather, to keep the snow we do have from melting. So we can enjoy the sight of the snow, without having to shovel.


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