The power of one vote

For those who like to say, “Why should I vote? What difference does it make?” there is now an answer.

Take a look at the Virginia legislative election, where 94th District count has the control in the Virginia House of Delegates hanging in the balance.

In November, Del. David Yancey, a Republican, appeared to have maintained his seat by a scant ten votes over Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds. On Tuesday, after a scrupulous recount, it appeared that Simonds had overcome Yancey by ONE VOTE, 11,608 to 11,607. Yancey challenged the recount, saying one ballot that should have been counted for him was left out of the total. Someone who had voted straight Republican in all other races had filled in both Yancey and Simonds’ names, then crossed a line through the Simonds vote. The judges decided that vote should be counted for Yancey, and the vote was certified as a tie. The election may have to be decided by lot. If Yancey wins, the Republicans will hold a 51-49 margin. If Simonds wins, the chamber will be split 50-50.

So, once again, here is proof that one vote can make a difference, and a big difference, in an election.


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