They won’t go away

The Belle Plaine City Council thought the issue was settled, but the satanic temple that wanted to put a monument in Belle Plaine’s veterans park just won’t go away.

Last year the council created some controversy after it received a complaint about a memorial marker someone had created and placed in the Veterans Memorial Park in Belle Plaine. The monument featured a silhouette of a soldier kneeling by the grave of a dead buddy, marked by a cross. When the council ordered the marker removed, townspeople protested until the council said, OK, we’ll designate a free speech zone in the park where people can put whatever they want.

That’s when the satanic temple from out east jumped in with plans to place a monument in the park, a black stone cube with an upside down pentagram engraved on the side and an upturned helmet on top. When word of that got out, it created such an uproar that the council rescinded the free speech area in the park. No one was going to place memorials, they said.

Now the satanists are suing the city for $35,000, the cost of the monument they created, which is sitting in storage somewhere.

We hope the court this is tried in will reject the satanists and tell them once and for all to go away.