Franken resignation the right thing to do

Sen. Al Franken might have withstood the first charge of sexual misconduct leveled by KABC anchor Leeann Tweeden. But eight women now have come forward to say that Franken grabbed, groped or tried to kiss them. His hope to continue doing the important work he was elected to do is now an impossibility, and so he announced his resignation on Thursday from the floor of the Senate. It will take effect sometime in the next few weeks.

It is the right thing for Franken to do, and we recognize him for having the decency to realize he should resign and the character to do it.

We suspect there are many more in Congress or aspiring to it who should follow Franken’s lead.

Franken mentioned the irony of resigning while President Trump, he of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, stays in the White House and Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate accused of preying on teenage girls 30 years ago, continues to campaign with the support of the White House and the Republican National Committee who are concerned about maintaining their slim majority.

But Franken’s decision isn’t about them, it is about himself and the level of effectiveness he needs to have to do his job in the Senate. That has been compromised, so he is stepping down.

Whether or not you agree with his political stances, Franken applied himself in the Senate with intelligence and vigor. It is too bad his past bad behavior has derailed his promising Senate career.