Enlisting Chinese Against North Korea

Long-scheduled talks among U.S. and Chinese generals, about how to ensure our two countries communicate well during any crisis situation, took on urgency this past week. They began in Washington just hours after North Korea test-fired a missile some experts say could hit any part of the United States.

Let us hope the generals went home to Beijing to urge their country’s leaders to forestall the crisis most likely to occur — war between the United States and North Korea.

At some point, Pyongyang’s missiles will be fitted with nuclear warheads and will be reliable enough to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans in a surprise attack. This country simply cannot allow dictator Kim Jong-un to attain that power.

If appears only one nation has the ability to tell Kim to back away from his rush to war. That nation is China.

Some analysts note Chinese leaders want stability along their border with North Korea. Somehow, U.S. diplomats must make them understand that Kim’s course promises anything but that.