Alternate vehicles – so far, so good

We noticed this weekend that the Sleepy Eye City Council is looking at the possibility of adopting an ordinance similar to New Ulm’s alternative vehicle ordinance, which allows people to drive golf carts, ATVs, utility vehicles and so on on city streets.

We hope it goes as well in Sleepy Eye as it seems to be going here. Since the ordinance took effect on Sept. 5, we have seen a few such vehicles on the city streets, mostly the larger ATV/utility type vehicles instead of golf carts. We haven’t noticed any problems or accidents involving them, outside of seeing what you think is an empty parking place only to find a smaller vehicle parked there.

We think a key to the success (knock on wood) of the local ordinance so far is the requirement that drivers of those vehicles be licensed to drive in Minnesota. A licensed driver has proven to be knowledgable about the rules of the road, and practiced in driving skills. So a good driver should be a good driver in whatever vehicle he or she is driving.

We would encourage Sleepy Eye City Councilors to be sure to include that in any ordinance they may approve.


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