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Congratulations, Jim

Jim Hoffmann was selected as Brown County’s Outstanding Senior Citizen of 2017. He’s a good choice.

We’ve kidded Jim over the years that it’s about he retired (he’s been with Principal Insurance for 58 years), but it’s obvious that he is having too good a time helping people as an insurance agent to give it up. That attitude spreads through all of his activities. He enjoys being useful and being helpful. That’s a great attitude to have in business and in life. Congratulations, Jim.

Infested waters

We have watched the march of zebra mussels across Minnesota’s lakes and waters over the years. Now, unfortunately, the march may turn into a gallop. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed that zebra mussels have infested the western stretches of the Minnesota River, which flows east across Minnesot past New Ulm and to Mankato, where it turns north and heads for the Twin Cities. With no dams or other structures to stop it, it’s only a matter of time before the aquatic pest infests most of the river.

It’s hard enough to keep this invasive species confined to a lake, but a major river is another challenge entirely.

Fair weather

The Brown County Fair had one unfortunate day of rain on Wednesday, but it is going strong with fair skies and cool temperatures since. We hope people will take advantage of the good weather to attend the fair this weekend. Sunday should be an especially good day, with the rained-out Demolition Derby taking place Sunday.


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