Lawyers benefit from state lawsuit

Because Gov. Mark Dayton and the Republicans in the Legislature are playing “I’ll Cut Your Funding,” the end of the legislative sesison this year features something new — a lawsuit.

Because Gov. Dayton vetoed the tax bill last year, this year Republicans included a “poison pill” in the spending bills, a measure to defund the state Department of Revenue if Dayton vetoed the tax bill. Dayton signed the tax bill, but used his line item veto to cut all funding for legislative operations unless they come back and “fix” the tax bill he had to sign.

So Republicans have hired the law firm of Kelly, Wolter & Scott, P.A. to sue the governor for allegedly violating the constitutional separation of powers. Dayton has hired former Minnesota Supreme Court justice Sam Hanson of the Briggs and Morgan firm to represent him.

The first hearing is next week in Ramsey County District Court.

The only sure thing about this lawsuit is that the attorney’s fees will probably be paid by the taxpayers.

We’d be much happier if the parties involved would leave us out of their feud.


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