Government functions have grown too large

Our federal government is an overreaching, bloated, wasteful mess. Why? Because anything and everything deemed a “problem” by anyone becomes fodder for a government “solution.” The “solutions” then become so embedded in the fabric of society that it is impossible to dig them out.

The true solution is to get back to asking basic, fundamental questions about the proper role of government. An added incentive is the national debt, which grows every day and looms over the future.

Yet everyone still wants to protect their piece of the federal pie. And Minnesotans are no different.

One thing President Trump would like to change — as did his predecessors, Presidents Obama and Bush — is the funding and operations of federal agriculture programs. Trump has proposed cuts to crop insurance and crop subsidies, as well as a 5.5 percent reduction in U.S. Department of Agriculture staff.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican, sees Trump’s budget as a non-starter. Opposition in Congress, which likes to dole out goodies, is too strong.

The argument that proponents of ag programs make is that agriculture is important to the U.S. economy, and so the government should support agriculture. Stretch that “logic” across everything else that anyone deems important and you have the trouble we identified in the first paragraph.

Where does it end? And when?


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