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Bloodmobile donors

THUMBS UP: Thanks and congratulations to all who gave blood this week during the Red Cross Bloodmobile drive.

The need for blood doesn’t go down in the summer, and the 326 people who bared their arms for the blood drive are to be commended.

There are a lot of dedicated donors in this area, as you can see from the number of people who receive double-digit donor pins representing ten or more gallons of blood given over the years. But the bloodmobile can always use more. This week the blood drive fell 60 units short of its goal in New Ulm. We hope the area will make that up and then some when the bloodmobile returns at the end of August.

Fort Ridgely plans

THUMBS DOWN: It is difficult to watch the plans for the Fort Ridgely State Park Golf Course stall as the golf season is upon us. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources had planned to shut down the course last year and convert it to natural cover, but a dedicated group of park enthusiasts raised enough hell and got the support of enough legislators to force the DNR to keep it open one more year, and to work out a management agreement with the city of Fairfax.

This past week the Fairfax City Council voted against accepting the agreement, given the level of funding that has been received to cover the cost of operations. While $70,000 is pledged, only $38,000 has been collected. Many of the pledges are contingent on signing a deal with the DNR, making this a Catch-22. — no money without a deal, no deal without the money.

The fundraising efforts are continuing, and we hope the efforts of the golf course backers are successful. This is a local asset that deserves a chance to succeed or fail.


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