Our View: Lots of budget work ahead for state

Legislators returned to the State Capitol this week, rested and ready for hard work, we assume, after their Easter break.

One of the big tasks they have to work on is the state’s budget. It is a job that the Republicans in control of the House and Senate have taken seriously. They have passed their omnibus bills with a month to spare. Now they have only to reach agreement with Gov. Mark Dayton, who has vastly different ideas about how to spend the state’s money.

How vast? On Monday, the governor’s administration sent 55 letters to lawmakers (and to the media), outlining each agency’s reaction to the proposed Republican budget, point out the beneficial aspects, but also the problems they have. That’s a lot of letters, and a lot of problems.

Those problems, of course, can be solved by adapting the governor’s budget proposals, we suppose.

Suddenly, four weeks doesn’t sound like very much time.


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