Tough to cut spending

Donald Trump’s budget is giving everyone a hard dose of reality when it comes to cutting spending. Trump is proposing a huge increase in defense spending and for building his wall (what happened to Mexico?), but big cuts everywhere else. Those great bugaboos, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Public Broadcasting System would be out, of course, though they cost a mere pittance in the budget. But also cut or slashed would be Meals on Wheels, after school programs, the National Institutes of Health and its disease research programs, and heating assistance.

It is true of human nature — nobody wants to pay taxes, but nobody wants government services cut, especially the ones that benefit them.

This proposal is especially hard for those who listened to Trump’s campaign promises to take care of the poor and middle class, with extra services and tax cuts for all. There were analysts aplenty saying that he couldn’t do what he promised to do without skyrocketing the national debt, or cutting deeply into government spending. His budget plan shows who will be taking the hit and where his interests truly lie.


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