Our View: Russia connection gets stranger; review is in order

President Donald Trump’s seeming infatuation with Vladimir Putin and Russia is no longer just a recurring joke on Saturday Night Live. It is getting seriously strange, and Congress needs to conduct an investigation into just how strange it is getting.

This is not just about Trump saying nice things about Putin because Putin says nice things about him. This week his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned over his phone calls and conversations with the Russian ambassador while President Barack Obama was still in office. The conversations included discussions of the sanctions Obama’s administration had placed on Russia. Flynn initially was less than truthful about the content of the conversations.

National intelligence services that routinely monitor Russian intelligence officials’ phone conversations also picked up frequent calls between Trump campaign staff and Russian officials before the election.

Congress is already looking into the allegations that Russia hacked into Democractic campaign emails and funneled damaging messages through Wikileaks, in an attempt to influence the election. It would be in order for Congress to probe how much more Putin’s government is involved in efforts to destabilize our government.


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