Halloween a time to keep kids safe

Rogue “creepy” clowns are far from the biggest threat to children who will be trick-or-treating on Monday night.

In a way, the youngsters themselves may be their own worst enemies.

Remember when you were young? Halloween was the one night a year when you were permitted to dress up as whatever you wanted to be, go roaming through the neighborhood after dark, collect all the candy you could carry, and eat much of it.

No wonder you sometimes did not pay attention to traffic on streets and roads, not to mention porch steps and uneven sidewalks inviting hard falls.

But older kids and adults watched out for you.

Now it’s your turn to do the same for a new generation of trick-or-treaters.

There are a few good rules to remember each year – stay close to home, make sure kids’ costumes won’t trip them or obstruct their vision, make them light in color and add a strip or two of reflective tape. But the best way to make sure smaller kids stay safe is give them an escort.

Happy Halloween.