Congress should act on Zika virus

The U.S. Center for Disease Control adn Prevention has said the Zika virus, which has spread through Latin America and the Caribbean, has now been found in southern Florida, in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami and now Miami Beach. With the flooding in Louisiana, it seems conditions are ripe for another flood of mosquitos that spread the disease.

Meanwhile, a $1.1 billion package of is tied up in Congress – where else? The measure was passed by the House, but has been filibustered twice by Senate Democrats who are concerned about a measure restricting funding to Planned Parenthood. President Barack Obama has said he would veto a bill with the Planned Parenthood restriction, but Republicans are just as adamant that no money will go to the organization.

So, it looks like a serious health threat is going to be held up by political wrangling. This do-nothing Congress should be called back to work to get something done to combat Zika.