Fort Ridgely golf course meeting

The Department of Natural Resources is holding an informational meeting this Thursday, at 6 p.m. in the New Ulm Civic Center, to talk about the Fort Ridgely State Park golf course.

“Staff will share details on why the golf course will close later this spring and will discuss a transitional plan for the site. The DNR will also share information regarding the statewide parks and trails system plan, the golf operation, and a public planning process for transitioning to new recreational uses of the property,” the DNR’s announcement says

It’s nice that the DNR?is finally having an informational meeting – after it has decided to close a signficant local recreational resource. Some might suggest it would have been good to hold some meetings before the decision to close the course, to gather input, to let local park supporters know what might be in store for the golf course and perhaps gather some ideas on how to make it more profitable.

DNR?officials have indicated that this meeting is not about reconsidering the decision. It should answer some questions about what will be done with the golf course property. We suspect, however, that supporters of the golf course will be on hand to voice their opinions.