Hillary flip-flops on TPP

During a campaign stop in Cleveland last week, Hillary Clinton said President Barack Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact is a bad deal. She cited provisions allowing tax-free imports of automobiles.

“It’s one of the reasons I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Clinton told Ohioans with a big stake in manufacturing of both vehicles and parts for them.

Do tell, Mrs. Clinton.

While secretary of state, Clinton advocated tirelessly for the TPP. She referred to it as the “gold standard” of trade agreements.

But now, as she seeks her own term in the White House, Clinton wants the votes of American working people who may be affected adversely by the TPP.

So now, Clinton is 100 percent against the pact.

Clinton has set new standards for flip-flopping on the issues.

She has become the chameleon of the campaign trail, to the point there is no way of telling what she really believes. That gives voters no way of knowing whether she actually agrees with them – or is merely saying what they want to hear.

And that, in turn, gives voters no reason to place any trust in Clinton.