Time to step back

President Barack Obama has taken a step back from asking Congress to approve a resolution to use limited military force in Syria – a vote the president seemed sure to lose.

On Tuesday, the president, making the case for the need to punish Syria for use of chemical weapons against its own citizens, said he would delay asking for the vote to allow Russia to seek a diplomatic solution with its buddy, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

It is indeed a good time to take a step back from involving the U.S. in military action in Syria, even a limited strike as envisioned by Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

It is time to give diplomacy a chance, to see if Russian President Vladimir Putin and Assad, two of the least trustworthy heads of state in the world, can come up with an agreement that is reliable and verifiable.

If they cannot, then the U.S. will be back in the position of enforcer. At least then we can say diplomacy was tried and didn’t work.