Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Fair weather

THUMBS UP: It was nice to turn to the Friday sports page and see pictures of sports being played – outdoors!

This spring has been more like the winter of the Bard’s discontent – it has felt like winter, and we were all discontented. But with the mercury hitting in the 70s Friday and for the rest of the weekend, we can all hope that spring is finally here at last.

Teachers of the Year

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to the District 88 Teachers of the Year, recognized Wednesday night at the annual District 88 Employee Recognition Banquet.

Heidi Rewitzer, a 4th grade teacher at Washington, Jilly Curry, a family and consumer science teacher at the high school, and Katie Martens, a guidance counselor at Jefferson Elementary were the honorees, selected for their leadership, their professionalism and their dedication to the students.

We hope everyone joins in wishing them a hearty “Thank?You!” for their service.

Give all funds same discretion as FAA

THUMBS DOWN: What a horrible idea the Sequester Cuts are. Congress and the Obama Administration came up with the idea of passing a list of cuts so odious that it would force Congress to come up with a better plan. Never underestimate Congress’ ability to not do the wise thing, however. When no other compromise could be found, the cuts went into effect, cutting an equal percentage from every agency and every program. That’s why the FAA had to furlough air travel controllers.

Well, the travel delays forced Congress to quickly grant the FAA discretion to juggle its funds around this week, to keep the controllers on and cutting somewhere else.

We would suggest giving all other government agencies the same discretion. If they have to cut a certain percentage from their budget, let them figure out the least painless way.