What’s on your mind?

Wendy Mealman, St. Peter: “Something to do with my husband and meet a lot of good people, share stories. It’s a fun social event.”
Brad Zender, Butterfield: “Everything. I set up at 20 shows a year in the Upper Midwest.”
Alan Lantz, La Salle: “There’s such a variety of things. I collect all brands. Whatever suits me.”
Mike Wannarka, Fairmont: “Farm stuff. I grew up on a farm and left it in 1988. I wish I could go back.”
Rod Bunkers, Medford: “It works well to trim my collection. I’ve got 5,000 Hot Wheels.”
Scott Friesen, Kasota: “It’s nice to see friends.”

What do you like about the New Ulm Toy Show?

(Asked at the New Ulm Civic Center Saturday, Sept. 1)