What’s on your mind?

Laura Biesterfeld, Steger, Ill.: “Love of family. She always had that in spades.”
Christine Heckmann, Menasha, Wi.: “Strong faith in God and perseverance.”
Marley Kuckhahn, New Ulm: “Living a Christian life and faith in God. She prayed when things got tough and it all worked out.”
Bruce Heckmann, Menasha, Wi.: Attention to God’s will. She took care of herself and has a strong faith.”
Debbie Zahn, New Ulm: “She ate well, exercised and believed in God.”
Pastor Richard Kuckhahn, New Ulm: “It’s in the genes.”

How did Erna Zahn reach age 110?

Asked at Erna Zahn’s 110th birthday party Saturday at Oak Hills