Eagle Update: Board study sessions

Each month, the school board participates in a study session. Study sessions are public meetings where board members receive program updates and have conversations about district goals and resources. The sessions allow board members to hear from staff and administrators about building specific programs and how they support the district goals and mission.

This month, the board received updates from the high school staff on the careers program, the reading program, the First Robotics team and the work with math and science curriculum analysis. Additionally, two representatives from the Workforce Development Committee came to talk to the board about the collaboration with the high school and businesses that have begun. The Workforce Development Committee was born out of the Community Visioning 2020 work.

We have a dedicated Business and Careers Teacher who spends time with all 9th grade students to introduce them to career planning. Career planning includes the following: guest speakers making visits – following the Junior Achievement curriculum, students researching careers using the Minnesota Careers Information System (MCIS) software program, students developing their own e-folio to use throughout all of high school, and participating in a Regional Career Expo to learn about many careers available in our region and state. Tenth grade students participate in the New Ulm Chamber Career Expo in April.

High School teachers who teach our Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses have reached out to local businesses and industry to make necessary connections for our students. While this has happened somewhat in the past, this year the teachers have really focused on building relationships. They have teamed up to develop an advisory council, hosted the first annual CTE expo, spent time visiting with our local businesses to see about their needs and are working on plans for next year’s classes that support what business and industry need for the future workforce.

Our CTE teachers are tracking the community connections they have made this year. This allows them to monitor their work and look at any businesses or industry they may have missed. The collaborative work with the Workforce Development Committee is in its infancy stages. The next steps are to work together on what key employability skills we all want for our future workforce. While we teach communication, collaboration, teamwork and attention to detail in our classes today – we do look for partnerships that provide real world application for our students so they can see how what we teach relates to the world around them.

Go Eagles!