What’s on your mind?

Bree Sorenson, Inver Grove Heights: “I hope for mindfullness in all aspects. I hope people pay attention and put down their phones and have a conversation.”
Lisa Polinceusz, St. Michael: “I hope people play and laugh and are not afraid to be silly.”
Dylan Friel, New Ulm: “I hope to see reforms in the Middle East and less tension with North Korea.”
Emma Nelson, New Ulm: “I hope the President can be more mature, learn to become a better leader and stop using Twitter so much.”
Amber Gremmel, Billiards, MN: “I hope for more grassroot efforts to stand up for what people care about.”
Kate Kreiger, Tsuchiura, Japan: “I hope people read more and spend more quality time with their families.”

What do you most hope will happen in 2018?


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