Eagle Update: The evolution of learning

Eagle Update

Dr. Bob Rotella, sports psychologist and business consultant, when speaking to organizations and clients has made the statement “do what you love, or love what you do.” This statement captures the essence of the evolution of learning, which involves pursuing your passions and directing your learning, “doing what you love,” while engaging, collaborating, and problem-solving as learners, “loving what you do.” The skills needed for this type of learning, collaborating, critical thinking, communicating, and creating, are the same skills necessary for a career or post-secondary success. They enhance, as Dr. Rotella speaks about, our conventional talents, those skills that come naturally to us, as well as our real talent, the ability to persevere, grow, and succeed when something does not come as naturally.

In my time thus far with New Ulm Public Schools, I’ve found an intentional commitment to this learning evolution. The foundations for developing our learner’s real talent as well as their conventional talent is evident in the growing PreK-12 opportunities our students have in directing their learning and pursuing their passions and interests. From our hands-on outdoor learning within our early learner programming to our STEM initiatives, community partnerships, and career/college readiness coursework, the New Ulm Public Schools are rapidly changing to meet the needs of our students. This commitment to growing learners that can compete moving forward is a collaborative partnership between our schools, families, and community.

Our end goal is not just to provide the best possible learning experience for your children, but also, through partnering with our stakeholders, to allow for students to engage in and be critical components in their learning. As I continue my time with New Ulm Schools, I look forward to developing programs, partnerships, and opportunity that will continue to allow students to pursue their learning passions across our PreK-12 scope. For New Ulm Schools, “doing what we love,” means continuing to move forward with this commitment and promise to our learners, families, and communities.