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In October 2011, the Brown County Probation Department designated a probation agent to closely supervise domestic violence offenders. The ultimate focus of the agent is to promote victim safety, hold offenders accountable, and provide opportunities for rehabilitation.

Upon conviction of a domestic abuse offenders are required to undergo a presentence investigation which focuses on the risks/needs of the offender such as alcohol or drug abuse, mental health concerns, impact on the victim, prior criminal history, and the offenders’ amenability to domestic abuse programming. The probation officer also makes recommendations at time of sentencing.

Domestic offenders are typically sentenced to probation supervision for up to two years depending on the offense. They are statutorily required to complete domestic abuse counseling and/or anger management. Offenders may also be ordered to serve jail time, pay fines, no contact with the victim, complete assessments, meet with a probation officer weekly, curfews, abstain and cooperate with drug testing, etc.

The probation officer monitors an offender’s conditions of the court and works closely with the victims, victim advocates, and local service providers. Brown County has several resources for victims and their families impacted by domestic violence. The Committee Against Domestic Violence (CADA) and Brown County Probation’s Crime Victim Specialist are two main advocates diligently striving to ensure each victim’s voice is heard. They offer safety planning and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. In effort to assist the offender’s in their rehabilitation, several local service providers in the area specialize in anger management and/or domestic violence counseling through group and/or individual therapy.

For more information regarding domestic violence, programming or victim resources please contact Randy Baker, Career Probation Agent, at 507-233-6620 or email at​


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