Living through road construction season

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It is summer and warmer weather is here. That means road construction is also here. Both Brown County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) have a number of road construction projects in Brown County this summer. State Highway 4 north of Sleepy Eye, US 14 between Springfield and New Ulm and State Highway 15 in and south of New Ulm are being improved by MnDOT. Brown County has work planned for County Roads 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 and 24. All this construction means detours, flagmen and construction warning signs. Some projects will close the road to all traffic, some projects will be closed to through traffic and some constructed under traffic.

A common construction road sign is Road Closed Local Traffic Only. Local traffic is defined as the people that live and work on the road segment that is under construction. This does not mean you can drive through the construction project to go to work farther down the road. Only people that live on the road segment under construction can use the road. Everyone else should not use the road. A ticket can be issued by law enforcement if you don’t live or work on the road segment. When a project is constructed under traffic, flagmen are commonly used when only one lane is available for traffic. In most cases the work area is mobile and continues to move slowly down the road. For the safety of everyone it is very important for the traveling public to follow the directions of the flagmen. Construction warning signs are used on all construction projects. Signing is for the safety of the traveling public and the people working on the road. It is important to observe all signs, be attentive, slow down to the advisory speed and be prepared to stop in all construction zones. Construction zones are a dangerous place. Every year highway workers and people from the traveling public get hurt in work zones.

Road construction is a big inconvenience for the traveling public but necessary to have nice roads to drive on.


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