With the district-wide grade realignment in our buildings coming this fall, summer will provide some additional challenges for the Facilities Department as compared to previous years. After school ends in May, and for most of June, we will be focused on moving classroom furniture into storage trailers to be re-located to their new buildings and re-installed in August.

The portables, which have housed the math department of the High School for the last eight years, will be removed and that space made ready for the new Middle School playground. The Annex will be remodeled to add classroom space for Kids Connection and will receive updated restrooms.

Between these projects we will make space for all the offices and summer programs to be housed in the current High School. Every building in the district is getting touched by construction this summer. We would like to remind parents, students and the public to please use caution when visiting our buildings after school is out.

The Washington and Jefferson buildings will be closed down for the summer due to construction. At the future Middle School, while open for programs, there will be areas that will be off limits due to work being done. The parking lots will have areas that will be inaccessible due to storage of materials and construction equipment. We will do our best to put up signs and barriers to keep everyone safe, so please watch for them.

While we are doing work not normally associated with a typical summer, we will continue to do maintenance, cleaning and repair throughout the district to keep our buildings in great shape and ready for the fall. We look forward to this busy, yet exciting summer and to greeting everyone to updated and new buildings come this fall!