Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty will be Century 21 Red Shoe Realty

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Jeff Dittrich holds a new sign for his business Century 21 Red Shoe Realty.

NEW ULM — As of April 9 the New Ulm real estate agency Century 21 Koeckeritz Realty will be changing its name to Century 21 Red Shoe Realty.

Manager Jeff Dittrich said this was a simple name change. Everything else about the business would remain the same. They will remain at the same location on South Broadway with the same agents and same contact information.

The real estate business has been located on South Broadway for 35 years and has been named Koeckeritz Realty for 40 years. For the last 11 years it fell under the Century 21 banner.

Dittrich said there were two reasons for the name change. The first is Koeckeritz has not been part of the agency for years, and Dittrich felt the business was established enough to go by a different name.

The second reason for the change is Century 21 is going through a rebranding effort. The old Century 21 logo featuring they yellow outline of a house will be replaced with minimalist design featuring the number 21 inside the letter C.

Since the company was going to be receiving new signs anyway, Dittrich felt now was the time to change the name.

Asked why he chose the name Red Shoe Realty, Dittrich said he did not want to name the business after himself or a landmark. He felt the image of a red shoe had become his signature look. Ever since he was a kid he wore red shoes, which he still does today. Even when playing baseball his cleats were red.

This is not the first time Dittrich has used Red Shoe as a name. After his involvement with a subdivision in Courtland he was asked to name the street through the housing division and he chose Red Shoe. There was also a limited liability company (LLC) he started called Red Shoe.

Signs with the new Century 21 logo and Red Shoe name will begin appearing at listed sites in the near future. There is no scheduled date for the sign change above the office, but Dittrich plans to replace it as soon as possible. A new billboard will go up on South 20th Street as well.

Currently, 11 agents work for Red Shoe Realty. In addition to the New Ulm office they have a Sleepy Office. The agency cover a 25-mile range around New Ulm and will list anything involved with real estate whether it’s a house or business.