Coborn’s, Inc. launching new “Food Facts” program

To complement existing

Dietitian’s Choice program

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – With March being National Nutrition Month, Coborn’s, Inc. announces the rollout of an exciting new program in its grocery stores to further the company’s vision of “inspiring healthy living.” Coborn’s is in the process of implementing “Food Facts” in Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods stores. Food Facts will provide valuable nutrition information in the form of attributes for a variety of items located in the center store grocery aisles. Each location will have 3,500-4,500 items with Food Facts listed on price tags.

A total of three attributes can be displayed on the price tag at any given time. The attributes will be displayed in the following order:

Dietitian’s Choice


Gluten Free

Low Sodium

Whole Grain

Heart Healthy


This program complements Dietitian’s Choice, which was implemented in Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods stores in Fall 2017. The first attribute of any product will always be Dietitian’s Choice if that item was earmarked as Dietitian’s Choice by our team of Supermarket Registered Dietitians. Food Facts uses the following standards, which draw upon government standards, to determine whether an item earns an attribute: 

-Organic: Identified by the “USDA Organic” stamp on the product label. USDA Certified Organic – must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt).

-Gluten Free: Identified by manufacturer as “Gluten Free” on the product label.

-Low Sodium: Identifies products that are low in sodium, ≤ 140mg per serving and Recommended Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC).

-Whole Grain: Identifies products that are made with whole grain and contain at least 8g of whole grain.

-Heart Healthy: Items are low saturated fat, low cholesterol, limited sodium (480mg per serving) or 600mg (meal and main dish), and contain less than 3g total fat or 3g or less of total fat (meal/main dish per 100g) AND contains DV of 10% or more for Vitamins A, or C, Calcium, Iron, or Protein.

“The timing of this rollout coincides with National Nutrition Month,” said Emily Coborn, Vice President of Fresh Merchandising. “However, our team is continually looking for ways throughout the year to help our guests and employees meet their health goals. This program is another step forward in doing that.”

Food Facts were introduced to our guests in upcoming Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods ads on Sunday, March 11.