Beacon Receives SGIA Safety Recognition Award

NEW ULM – The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) of Fairfax, Virginia, has recognized Beacon and 54 other member companies for their safety efforts throughout 2017. Companies receiving the award completed a number of self-inspection and verification processes that helped improve safety conditions in their workplaces, including attending safety webinars, creating safety committees, conducting bi-monthly safety checks and more. The safety program consists of a variety of components to achieve a safer workplace. It is based on a points system where participants must complete certain action items to earn points. Beacon was 2nd with the points earned.

SGIA is a trade association that supports over 14,000 professionals in the digital and screen printing community. Membership is optional for companies in the industrial, graphic, garment, textile, electronics, packaging and commercial printing business looking to grow their business. SGIA membership provides the resources and support to succeed, such as: exclusive reports, unbiased advice, webinars and recognition. SGIA holds the SGIA Expo each year and it is the largest trade show for print technology in North America.

Beacon has a safety team that meets monthly, holds safety training sessions for all employees several times a year, does annual fire and tornado drills, addresses safety issues in a timely manner and so much more. Team members include Safety Manager Dawn Schapekahm and committee members Bryan Sellner, Ashley Arndt, Martha Hoppe, John Meredith, Jeremy Bolduan, Cami Larson, Cole Miller and Amy Brunner.

“Safety of our employees is top priority here at Beacon. Through the commitment of our Safety Committee and the engagement of our employees we would not have been able to achieve such a fantastic award,” says Schapekahm.

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