These kids aren’t horsing around

McKenzie Cselovszki rounds the first barrel in the Jumping Figure 8 competition.

NEW ULM–The Brown County 4-H Horse Show featured serious riders, but there was still plenty of horsing around.

A total of eight riders participated in this year’s Horse Show. McKenzie Cselovszki and Andrew Hellendrung took home the most awards.

Cselovszki excelled in the Showmanship categories, taking first in Showmanship Halter, English Pleasure, English Equitation and Western Horsemanship. Cselovszki also took first in Trail riding and the Egg & Spoon competition, in which she was able to balance an egg while riding the longest.

In the game portion of the show Andrew Hellendrung dominated with top speeds in Pole Weaving, Key Race, Barrel Race and Jumping Figure 8. Hellendrung was humble about his accomplishment. He gave all the credit to his horse.

“She is running better early this summer,” he said.

Hellendrung’s horse showed remarkable precision on the Key Race, which he won by over four seconds. After clearing the key poles his horse stopped on a dime and returned back through the poles, causing audible gasps from the audience.

The young riders got in on the fun too. Caidence Kucera took the top ribbon in the Beginner Showmanship Halter division, Beginner Western Pleasure-Stock and Beginner Western Horsemanship. Caidence Kucera also managed to balance her egg the longest in the beginner Egg & Spoon contest.

Leah Kucera managed the fastest time in the Beginner races. In Pole Weaving she cleared the course in 15.797 seconds. In the Key Races she finished with an impressive time of 13.759. She cleared the barrel race wit a time of 21.645 seconds and finished the Jumping Figure 8 with a time of 23.013 seconds.

This year’s State Fair line-up will include Andrew Hellendrung, McKenzie Cselovszki and Jade Jensen.


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