Brown County DFL OKs resolutions

BROWN COUNTY — Brown County Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) resolutions were approved earlier this week. They will be considered by the state party.

Approved resolutions include:

• Pursue policies that result in more farmers on the land raising crops and livestock, and support and encourage farmers to build soil, protect clean water and prevent erosion.

• Address the crises facing pollinators through three statute changes: 1. Make information the State of Minnesota receives about pesticide applications available to the public.

• Give municipalities the authority to regulate some aspects of the sale and use of pesticides for non-agricultural purposes.

• Require all nurseries, garden shops, hardware stores and any business selling plants to let the public know if the plant has been treated in any way with systemic pesticides from the neonicotinoid family.

• Support Social Security being continued with reasonable Cost of Living Allowances and not borrow from the fund or privatize it.

• Go on record supporting the elimination of Citizens United.

• Support truly free education by strongly limiting or eliminating extra fees for courses or activities directly connected to educational experiences taking place during the school day by finding alternative ways to fund these classes and activities.

• Develop a new student debt policy by limiting a college student’s debt, capping the amount an individual borrower is personally responsible for and exploring a loan forgiveness program.

• Endorse a program giving students the opportunity for student debt forgiveness based on community service in their field of study.

• Support the state government to prioritize high-quality, universal early education for all chlordan age 0-5, prioritizing low-income children, taught by licensed professionals because without these programs, children are more likely to be unprepared for school and continue to fall behind.

• The USA will undo gerrymandering and create a method of representation that is fair and consistent.

• Support a universal, single-payer healthcare that ensures access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for all regardless of age, income, employment or health status.

• Support the proposed Minnesota Health Plan (SF 219/HF 358), a commonsense, comprehensive, affordable, universal health care system that allows patients to chose providers, set premiums on ability to pay, is publicly administered and assures adequate provider numbers to guarantee timely care access; and enact the Medicare of All Act nationally.

• Waive the 3-day qualifying stay in acute care hospitals for Medicare to over nursing home care. Move to all Medicare recipients able to use the ACO Next Generation program if there is a qualifying, rehabilitation need.

• Protect the freedom of all working people to come together in union and negotiate a fair return for their work, a right threatened by anti-union legislation.

• Support stopping the assault on public land by maintaining them in their pristine state and keep them free from commercial privation and manage them for their intended public use.

• Support state policy that every huan being has the right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, sanitary purposes, agriculture, recreation and tourism.

• Securing at least 50 per cent of Minnesota’s electricity from wind and solar by 2020.

• Supporting peaceful de-escalation tactics training for police, mental health training and racial sensitivity education.

• Commit to saving lives by supporting common-sense gun violence prevention measures, including universal criminal background checks and gun violence protection order bills; make state funds available for gun violence prevention programs; and removing prohibitions in curren state law against collection of gun-related data for public health research.